Our Local Area Prayers

Our Local Area

Our Town and its Neighbouring Localities

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. John 1:5

Our local church is placed here as the light in this town therefore let us pray these points in Jesus name:

  • Come against prostitution on our streets. That the Lord will reach the women through His word and His workers.
  • Let us pray that His love touches them and fills the pain and lack of self worth or lack or guidance that may have got them to the streets.
  • Let us pray for the Women on the Frontline (WOFL) team that reaches out to the prostitutes on weeknights: for their protection, for wisdom, discernment and for opportunity to sow good seed.
  • Come against violence knife crimes, muggings, acid attacks.
  • Come against slavery, captivity and cruelty in our communities.
  • Let us pray for the protection of the minds of the youth on these streets and come against radicalisation and false teaching.
  • Let us pray for His Kingdom to come and for His light to overcome the darkness; for strongholds to be torn down.
  • Let us pray for the Gideons Bible Society to gain access into our schools.
  • Let us cover the Street Evangelists as they go out; for the good news they bring to be readily received.
  • Let us pray for a revival in our local town and borough!

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