Set Up Steps

Step One

Get an understanding of what the tower of continuous prayer is about.

Knowing the big why and 'catching the vision' is crucial if you are going to take action and remain constant and effective. 

The first step in the journey is therefore to find out how the first watchtower prayer group started; as well as what our God-given mandate and mission is. You may also want to contact us directly by email.

Step Two

This undertaking should neither be embarked upon in one's own strength nor done alone.

It is important to seek God's heart before building the team as He knows how best to prepare the hearts and minds of His children to respond to the call. Some of the members of your team will be the core group made up of administrators and overseers. Once again it is imperative that you prayerfully consider who these will be. 

Step Three

We have produced some videos and templates which will help you get started. The videos are all available on the videos page of this website, alternatively you can visit our YouTube channel: The Prayer Tower.

To receive the templates for setting up your prayer and fasting schedules, contact us via this form and we will send them to you as soon as possible.

You also have the opportunity to subscribe to this website from the same page. Once you subscribe, you become a member of a supportive prayer community that stands together in unity irrespective of denomination. And you will be able to exchange ideas and get support from others who are on the watch for our nation.

Step Four

Once you have determined the core team and gained access to the videos and templates, arrange a suitable date for all your core team members to watch the videos.

It is best to go through the materials together where possible as you can then discuss roles and responsibilities and how best to run the watchtower prayer group in your local context. Even if unable to meet face-to-face, you can use conference tools such as Zoom or Skype to equip the core team in a webinar fashion.

Step Five

Now that the administrators and overseers have been through the materials, it is time for the wider team to watch the briefing videos.

This can be done in batches if you have a large number of participants and/or if it is difficult to get everyone into the same session. More importantly, it is essential that everyone gets the same on-boarding as this will ensure consistency and it will be clear to everyone what the watchtower prayer group stands for.

The session scheduled for this provides an opportunity to begin the gathering of required data such as preferred prayer slots and contact details for the WhatsApp group. It is easier to capture this data from the participants whilst you've got them together in one place watching the videos.

Note that watching the briefing videos is not a one-off activity, it will occur often and again as more people sign up to join the watchtower.

Step Six

Having gathered the information about the availability of all participants, you can start to populate the prayer and fasting rotas using the templates provided. Where feasible in order to save time you may decide to start populating the rotas with the information provided by the wider team whilst they are watching the briefing videos.

This exercise includes confirming oversight responsibilities for each of the various watches and adding them as overseers  to the rota.  Once completed, save the rotas electronically in a central place accessible to all overseers and administrators so that any of them can make updates as and when they occur; noting that updates are more likely to occur at the beginning as people settle into the continuous prayer rhythm.

Step Seven

The administrators should do the following on the planned start date, effectively kicking off the watchtower prayer group:

  • Set up the WhatsApp Group and add participants
  • Publish the prayer and fasting rotas
  • Welcome participants to the watchtower
  • Post some inspired prayers to the group in line with the continuous prayer mandate.
  • Remind all participants of forum guidelines


Remember you can visit this website at any time for additional inspired prayer points.